May 22 2012

What Nightmares Are Made Of…

What Nightmares Are Made Of...

What Nightmares Are Made Of...

Fright Room Productions is proud to present our all new web store appropriately titled What Nightmares Are Made Of…

We have planty of great new products for 2012. They are already selling out so act fact! We have decided to keep our new products seperate from

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the haunt work on this site. But rest assured, when you shop at What Nightmares Are Made Of… you will be getting the same great quality products you have come to expect from Fright Room Productions.

For 2012 we are introducing a new line of gore displays with everything from sliced open autopsy pigs to severd body parts on cutting boards. These items look painfully realistic and won’t disappoint!

We also do custom work so don’t hesitate to contact us with special orders or custom alterations to existing products.

Visit the store now!

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Feb 05 2010

Skeleton Candelabra Halloween Prop

Category: Halloween Prop Reviews,Home DecorZombie "admin" Joe @ 5:27 pm

Skeleton Candelabra Here we have another old Halloween prop for which I don’t have a good deal of background info. As with all of my prop reviews, I appreciate any info you can share to help fill in the blanks.

Source Info: I got this prop from a friend, and I believe it was several years old. I don’t have an exact date or the original retail price. I suspect it was a Spirit Halloween prop, but don’t hold me to that…

Design: Lets start with the base – something you can’t actually see in the photos, but it’s made of thick heavy steel. It’s not tipping over any time soon! The latex “neck” of the skull covers this base and it does it well. Just watch when you place this prop on a table… the weight can be deceiving and the metal base will put a dent in a wood table.

The neck, head, and horns are nicely designed and painted. It all meshes well together and looks like one piece.

The actual candles are unfortunately nowhere near as sturdy as the quality base. All it would have taken was a better design for mounting the candle. Instead its just glued on, and this results in frequent trips to the garage for more super glue. But as long as the prop isn’t moved around too much you’ll be okay. The bulbs are replaceable and you can use standard lights or the more appropriate flicker bulbs.

Controls: This part is pretty simple and just what you would expect. Plug it in and turn the dial to ON or OFF. This is better than having it always on when plugged in. I like having options…

Final Thoughts: Overall this prop was made with good care and design. The candles are a bit sensitive so don’t let the kids near it. I would still suggest buying it.

Skeleton Candelabra - Photo Gallery

A few notes about the images. The yellowish line you see down the middle of the skulls face was glue that dripped down from the previous owner. I kinda like it!

You'll also notice one of the candles is crooked. This is not by design, but rather the glue not holding properly. This I don't like!

5 Photos

Rating: ★★★½☆
Pros: Attractive Design, On/Off Control, Quality Base
Cons: Fragile Candles
Best Uses: Home Haunt, Halloween Party
Bottom Line: Buy it if you can find it!

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Feb 01 2010

Morbid Decor Goes Zombie Style!

Category: Home Decor,Zombie RandomnessZombie "admin" Joe @ 4:00 pm
Night of the Living Dead's Ghoul Girl

Night of the Living Dead's Ghoul Girl

If you haven’t already checked out Morbid Decor on ETSY, well, you’re clearly not as cool as me, but you’re also missing out on some pretty sweet lighting for your home, dungeon and/or cave :)

With a nice selection of lamps and hanging or standing light-boxes you’re bound to find something to meet your needs.  These products feature stills shots from some of the greatest horror movies of all time. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, and Nosferatu just to name a few!

I prefer the hanging light-boxes and my personal favorites are the Night of the Living Dead Ghoul Girl (featured in the image to the left) and Leatherface Flipping Out! There’s something special about capturing the moment of young girl trying to eat her parents brains… or a psychotic killer having a hissy fit because he couldn’t catch you in time to cut you up with his over sized chainsaw. Poor babies!

Go check them out now before they’re all gone! Also, look for them at Monster Mania this March 12-14 in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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